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Marcy Goes Wild # 17: 5 x Euphoria – tracks for a perfect summer day

Dutch translation below Bliss. Euphoria. Almost feeling in love. Some tracks touch those sentiments for yours truly. This week no long stor [...]

Marcy Goes Wild # 16: – 5 x Ear Candy – a status that is not within reach for everyone!

Dutch translation below The majority of my friends is active in the dance scene one way or the other: business wise or private. Where one of [...]

Marcy Goes Wild #15: 5 x Piano house

Originally published on, July 8th 2017 Dutch translation below Criticasters of electronic music like to fall back on the argument [...]

Marcy Goes Wild # 13: 5 x Summer Vibes

Some dance tracks immediately give a sense of sunshine. Sometimes by their title, often en mostly by their summer vibes. That moment, when y [...]

Marcy Goes Wild # 12: 5 x Deep, dark and obscure techno

Deep, dark and obscure. The opinions differ about what these terms technowise truly imply. Deep techno is something else than techno with d [...]

Marcy Goes Wild #11: 5 x Club Classics – And then there was light…

Every development and evolution has a beginning and a sequel. Often the start is a reaction to social matters. The dark eighties, overshadow [...]

Marcy Goes Wild # 10: Music is Life – and these 5 tracks prove it!

This week, once more, I’m giving a shot to jump into the breach for dance music. Even more that that: this edition I devote to five tr [...]

Marcy Goes Wild #9: 5 x Underworld

Believe it or not, but on some points dance doesn’t differ that much from other musical genres. In general it starts with the basis of [...]

Marcy Goes Wild # 8: 5 x Techhouse – Love the breaks!

Techhouse, that cheerful, uplifting and energetic descendant of the dance scene, stole my heart. A good techhouse track immediately draws m [...]

Marcy Goes Wild #7: 5 x Timeless tracks that shouldn’t be lacking at any house party

Some tracks unmistakable head the list of epic house classics – for always and ever. Opinionated, timeless tracks with a undeniable ow [...]

Marcy Goes Wild # 6: 5 x Laurent Garnier – one of the greatest dance-pioneers ever!

Every style of music has its own heroes. Talking about punk the first who come to my mind are the Sex Pistols or the Dead Kennedy’s. I [...]
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