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Marcy Goes Wild # 17: 5 x Euphoria – tracks for a perfect summer day

Dutch translation below Bliss. Euphoria. Almost feeling in love. Some tracks touch those sentiments for yours truly. This week no long stor [...]

Marcy Goes Wild # 16: – 5 x Ear Candy – a status that is not within reach for everyone!

Dutch translation below The majority of my friends is active in the dance scene one way or the other: business wise or private. Where one of [...]

My First Gig DJ Ruff (The Netherlands)

Dutch version published on February 23d 2017 on   Every DJ remembers it well: the first time playing outside of the safe walls of [...]

Marcy’s DJ Alphabet

A * Axel Rator aka Spencer Vos (NL) My first Gig available in English My First Gig available in Dutch * Atish (USA) My first Gig available i [...]

Marcy Goes Wild #15: 5 x Piano house

Originally published on, July 8th 2017 Dutch translation below Criticasters of electronic music like to fall back on the argument [...]

The Promised Land Open Air: ouderwets gezellig ‘t’house komen

Oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op, op 3 juni 2015 Wie in de wirwar van zomerfestivals die zich veelal richten op mainstream 538-house [...]

Ghost producing: beter goed verkocht dan slecht verzonnen

Oorspronkelijke publicatie op, 3 juni 2015 Ghost producing een vies woord? Het is zo oud als de weg naar Rome, alleen heette het d [...]

Marcy approves: Mister Böhre is allowed to stay

Published originally in Dutch in May 2015 (text below English version)   The first time I met Boudewijn Böhre aka DJ Ken Böhre, I was [...]
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