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Festival The Promised Land 2017 outdid itself!

Last weekend, on the 10th of June 2017, the fourth edition of this intimate festival outdid itself. Not only in atmosphere, but also, or may [...]

Marcy Goes Wild # 16: – 5 x Ear Candy – a status that is not within reach for everyone!

Dutch translation below The majority of my friends is active in the dance scene one way or the other: business wise or private. Where one of [...]

The Promised Land Open Air: ouderwets gezellig ‘t’house komen

Oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op, op 3 juni 2015 Wie in de wirwar van zomerfestivals die zich veelal richten op mainstream 538-house [...]

The Incrowd maakt naam honderd procent waar

Originally published on, 17 juni 2015 Eind dit jaar bestaan ze vijf jaar: The Incrowd. Paolo Gambirasi en Hans Pruis aka Mr. Milan [...]
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