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My first Gig DJ/producer Rennie Foster (Canada)

This interview with Rennie Foster was originally published in Dutch on on April 13th 2017 If you would like to read the Dutch versi [...]

My First Gig: Spencer Vos aka DJ/producer Axel Rator

Originally published in Dutch on February 21st 2015 on You can also read the Dutch version below, at the bottom of this page ̵ [...]

My First Gig DJ Ruff (The Netherlands)

Dutch version published on February 23d 2017 on   Every DJ remembers it well: the first time playing outside of the safe walls of [...]

Marcy’s Wall of Talent: André van der Monde aka DJ Monde (The Netherlands)

André van der Monde aka DJ Monde was also a member of the Huppels-group on Facebook that I mentioned while telling the tale of DJ BeNRG on [...]

MWoT: Ben Dijkstra aka DJ BeNRG (The Netherlands)

In 2010 I was invited to the newborn Dutch Facebook-group Huppels. I was the 28th member. Huppels was initiated by people who love classic d [...]

MWoT: DJ Gino Lightner (United States)

When I first met DJ Gino Lightner I couldn’t really get a grasp on this extravagant American. That was about six years ago, when I ju [...]

My First Gig Corné van der Heijden aka DJ/producer Sceptical C (NL)

My First Gig Corné van der Heijden aka dj/producer Sceptical C  Published April 20th 2016 “In 1991 woonde ik nog op Curaçao e [...]

My First Gig Jeane Isadou

My First Gig Malissa Willemsz aka Jeane Idadou 10 maart 2016 “Bij een vriend en mijn toekomstige leermeester Dima, zag ik voor [...]

My First Gig: Dj Kicken

My First Gig: Dj Kicken (DJ donderdag, 3 maart 2016   My first gig van Henri Kicken aka Dj Kicken   “Mijn eerste echte [...]

My First Gig Axel Doorman

My First Gig dj/producer Axel Doorman Gepubliceerd op 25 februari 2016   My First Gig dj/producer Axel Doorman: “Mijn eerste pla [...]

My First Gig: Monoline

My First Gig: Monoline donderdag, 21 januari 2016 Gepubliceerd via De first gig van Monoline uit Nijmegen.  “Onze eerste gig v [...]

First Gig: dj Mischa Duncan

My First Gig: Mischa Duncan ( woensdag, 30 december 2015   “Wauw, wauw, wauw! Ik ben benaderd om mee te werken aan de rubriek My [...]
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