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Festival The Promised Land 2017 outdid itself!

The Promised Land 2017 Marcelinke

Last weekend, on the 10th of June 2017, the fourth edition of this intimate festival outdid itself. Not only in atmosphere, but also, or maybe because of, the amazing line-up that included not only Dutch house veterans like Quazar, Robin ‘Jaydee’ Albers and Lucien Foort, but also the British icons  Dave Angel and Dave Randall (what’s in a name?). Sometimes pictures and video’s say more than a thousand words…

The Promised Land 2017

DJ Buddy Suwijn

DJ Buddy Suwijn












With DJ José (on the right)

DJ Brent Spar (background, black shirt) and DJ Neuve (other black shirt)


DJ Lucien Foort

DJ Remy Unger

DJ Lorenzo (left) and DJ Sophie

Gert van Veen aka mr. Quazar (left) and DJ Dano (right). In the front: Simone and Wieteke

DJ Rene de Vries (left) and DJ Martijn van Langen






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