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Marcy’s Wall of Talent: DJ Enrico Sangiuliano (Italy) – “Marcelina!”, he called!

DJ Enrico Sangiuliano and Marceline ADE 2016When I met the talented Italian techno-producer and DJ Enrico Sangiuliano in 2014, he was still an upcoming star. His fame was growing slowly and steadily, that’s for sure, but hadn’t reached the present heights yet. I met him and his partner at that time, Silvia, during ADE at an intimate setting in the Cue Bar, now Hunter’s Bar. Enrico did a showcase at a Tom Hades/Rhythm Collective’s event.


Dressed casually in black, Enrico appeared to be a gentle and friendly man, very accessible and easy to connect to. So we talked techno and he played a mean set. Right before ADE 2015 the Cue Bar in Amsterdam had turned into Hunter’s Bar already and the interior had changed a bit. This time we sat down on a velvet couch and reconnected. The only theme Enrico, still dressed in simple black pants and a black T-shirt that had known better days, avoided, was ‘ghost producing’, which I thought was interesting. Unfortunately we still haven’t gotten to the bottom of that contemporary subject.

Moon Rocks

During these two years Enrico Sangiuliano’s star went through the roof and when his track Moon Rocks was played by Adam Beyer as closing anthem during Awakenings festival last year (see video), Enrico’s popularity went sky-high! Nowadays he’s reached the by many dreamed of status of being able to call himself ‘producer at Drumcode’, Adam Beyer’s extremely successful label.



Run-in at ADE

Our third encounter was an unexpected yet very welcome run-in during ADE 2016. Some of my Italian friends, DJ/producer Marco Ranieri (Thirdone) and a colleague, headed over to Mary Go Wild, the record store and publisher of dance literature among other things, that resides in the Amsterdam Red Light District. I decided to seize the day and join them. Although it was a walk of less than 10 minutes from one to the next location – of which I made them aware – they decadently decided to call an Über, which, including the wait, doubled the time. Oh well.


I thanked Marco later, because when I approached the store, already from a distance, Enrico, who was having a cigarette outside, spotted me. Fame hasn’t changed his clothing style, which is still black, nor his sympathetic personality.  While I was doubtful whether this rather famous artist by now, who must meet hundreds of people every  week, would still remember me, he took away that hesitation  in a second. “Marcelina!”, he called out with his charming Italian accent, while we were still some meters apart. “Enrico!”, I replied loudly in my best Italian accent, and we hugged. Meeting up again felt as familiar as if we had seen each other yesterday.

DJ Enrico Sangiuliano and Marceline ADE 2015

Dark basement

Unfortunately there was not a lot of time for catching up: Enrico and Secret Cinema were the secret (what’s in a  name?) artists of Mary Goes Wild‘s secret location. I suddenly understood why there was such a long cue a few houses ahead. Marco, his friend and myself got a VIP-wristband, passed the line and effortlessly found our way into a really small and dark basement. It was hot, sweaty, and, as far as the limited light allowed, body-to-body filled with people dancing their asses off on steaming techno. I walked into the crowd for a few meters, just far enough to detect Enrico and Jeroen (Secret Cinema) close to each other behind the ‘intimate’ DJ-booth, and decided I preferred to listen from a small distance behind the crowd, so I found this great spot right outside the entrance to the room, which was no more or less than an average door that had been taken out, and danced my ass off.

Happy few

When I walked out to go to the next venue, I got the remark: “Wow, you must know the right people to have that wristband.” Because until that moment I had not quite realized how exclusive this event was where I had just walked in and went with the flow, I kinda surprised answered: “Ehhh, yes, I guess.” And regaining my thoughts in a millisecond, realizing I was one of the happy few, added: “If only I could get paid for this.” The guy got my point and laughed.

Recognized talent

As I walked away towards new ADE adventures I realized that this might very well have been my last chance to meet this truly nice and modest man DJ Enrico Sangiuliano in an organic and spontaneous way. His talent is recognized, which is fabulous! Yet with that his schedule will become busier, which will leave less time to hang around a country when you’re there for a gig, and really catch up with old friends.


In 2014 I had an interview about Enrico’s First Gig that was published on You can also read it here. #enricosangiuliano #drumcode



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