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MWoT: DJ/Producer Nicole Moudaber (Libanon)

In April 2014 the ‘queen of dark techno’, producer/DJ Nicole Moudaber, was playing at the event Compound in Zaandam (The Netherlands) Het event took place at the at that point rather new location  Taets. Before her performance I interviewed Nicole for almost two hours about her then being an incredibly fast rising star and about her life before her DJ-career took off as a rocket. This elaborate feature was published on on April 23d 2014.


Even before that, In March 2014, I phoned with Nicole while she was relaxing on the balcony of her hotel in Miami, where she was visiting the Winter Music Dance Conference. This short interview was connected to a Compound promotion for You can also read that article here.


The extended interview I had with Nicole Moudaber made an impression on me as well as on her, as became clear when she said that ‘in a good way’, she had never had interview before like the one we just had’. Was I proud? Hell, yeah! This specific interview was published on on April 23d 2014. You can also read the article here.

DJ/producer Nicole Moudaber and Marceline



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