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MWoT: Ben Dijkstra aka DJ BeNRG (The Netherlands)

DJ BeNRG and myself

In 2010 I was invited to the newborn Dutch Facebook-group Huppels. I was the 28th member. Huppels was initiated by people who love classic dance music since the emerging of the genre in the early nineties. Utter dance music lovers with a great sense of humor. One of them was the Dutch DJ BeNRG, who was possibly also the funniest person online I had ever seen.


Het Huppels-group expanded – only on invitation – and soon turned into this extremely addictive online café. Most members couldn’t wait until they got home from work and sit down behind pc or laptop to dive into this extremely funny group op people while listening to the same great classic dans tracks that we all posted online. Every night going to bed got harder, the Huppels-group pulled at us.

2016: DJ BeNRG and Marceline


On March 5th 2011 the first Huppels-party was organized in Amsterdam. By then the Facebook-group counted over 150 members, most of whom had never met in real life, only online. In January 2011 I visited the festival Winterwooferland in Paradiso, Amsterdam. We had agreed to meet in the light engineer-area, because one of the initiators of Huppels was working there. And so we did: Ben and I met face-to-face! Mind you: at that point we were both visitors of the indoor festival, these days not only the both of us are incrowd, Ben also actually played at the latest winter edition, only a week ago.


Together we consequently shared several events, e.g. the Huppels Q-Day event in Amsterdam and the Huppels-picknick in the Vondelpark? Today it feels like we’ve known each other forever. Whenever we meet while going out we have this rather weird tradition in which we pinch each other in the butt. Only we are allowed to do that to each other, no-one else!


In September 2014 I interviewed DJ BeNRG about his first gig ever; the result was published on You can also read the interview here. And so it could happen that from meeting online a true friendship arose.

The Promised Land Winter edition 2017 - With DJ's BNRG and Cellie



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