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MWoT: DJ Gino Lightner (United States)

DJ Gino Lightner and me at Frisco Inn AmsterdamWhen I first met DJ Gino Lightner I couldn’t really get a grasp on this extravagant American. That was about six years ago, when I just got together my my love as well. My love always knew where the best (illegal) underground parties took place, so life at that moment never held a dull moment. At plenty of these parties Gino was present as well, either as visitor or as DJ. Also, Gino shared an apartment with one of my love’s best friends, so sometimes we met there.

DJ Gino Lightner, me and Sander

The more often we met and got to know each other, the more we got to appreciate one another. Spending long nights and sometimes days at a mutual friends’ fantastic loft-like living space in an old Amsterdam school, playing music and hanging out.


Gino in New York

By now I consider Gino a good friend with whom I not only share a lot of laughs, but also have the occasional ‘real’ conversation. In 2014 I interviewed Gino for about his first DJ-gig ever, that took place at his high school in New York. You can also read the article here. Under the name Sassafras these days Gino organizes the best parties ever in the Amsterdam area, at the artists’ haven Ruigoord.




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