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MWoT: Paula Cazenave (Spain) – Small posture, great personality!

Marcy’s Wall of Talent:
Paula Cazenave –
Small posture, great personality!

Paula Cazenave and Marcelineke

ADE 2016: Although we were at the same event during ADE 2015 and I even wrote a small article on Facebook about this talented DJ/producer back then, we never met. Yes, Paula Cazenave was performing at an event organized by of one of my friends, yet this impressive techno lady and myself finally met in person last October (2016) at the best record store of Amsterdam: InDeepnDance Records! Including a small detail: she was in the exquisite company of another personal techno heroine: Daniela Haverbeck. Now I can honestly say: Paula Cazenave rocks! Small posture, great personality! And she is also the sweetest person! Hope we meet again soon!


Daniela Haverbeck Paula Cazenave and Marcelineke

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