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MWoT: Paula Cazenave (Spain) – Small posture, great personality!

Marcy’s Wall of Talent: Paula Cazenave – Small posture, great personality! ADE 2016: Although we were at the same event during ADE 2 [...]

MWoT: K Alexi Shelby (US) – K hugged me as if we were old friends

Marcy’s Wall of Talent: K Alexi Shelby (US) – K hugged me as if we were old friends-    The first time I heard the track Kiss [...]

Marcy’s Wall of Talent: DJ Kiki Tao (The Netherlands) – Nowadays also known as Shaman.

Soon after my love and I slowly started our relationship, it became clear to me that, while I was new in the Amsterdam dance scene, he had [...]

Marcy’s Wall of Talent: DJ Enrico Sangiuliano (Italy) – “Marcelina!”, he called!

When I met the talented Italian techno-producer and DJ Enrico Sangiuliano in 2014, he was still an upcoming star. His fame was growing slowl [...]

Marcy’s Wall of Talent: Misja Wielings aka DJ/Producer Misja Xampl (The Netherlands)

The facebook-group Huppels plays a significant role in my getting acquainted with in the Amsterdam dance scene. Since the late eighties I [...]

MWoT: DJ Gino Lightner (United States)

When I first met DJ Gino Lightner I couldn’t really get a grasp on this extravagant American. That was about six years ago, when I ju [...]

MWoT: Martijn van Langen aka DJ Baba (The Netherlands) – Oldskool rules

I got to know DJ Baba, also known as Martijn van Langen, through my love. One of their common and longtime friends worked in a youth centre [...]

MWoT: Wim Vanoeveren aka DJ/producer Tom Hades (Belgium)

In the period that I met the Flemisch Wim Vanoeveren, better known as DJ/producer Tom Hades, I was still slightly intimidated by the status [...]

MWoT: Paulo Pereira aka DJ/producer A.Paul (Portugal)

Who would have thought that in October 2016 I actually would visit and stay with DJ/producer A.Paul (Paulo Pereira) and his lovely wife San [...]

MWoT: Michel van Boekel aka DJ Michel Becks (The Netherlands)

Before I met him in real life, ‘DJ Michel Becks‘ was a name that I’d heard many times – Michel’s reputation p [...]

Marcy’s Wall of Talent: DJ/Producer Alexander Koning (NL) – Mr. The Promised Land

The first time I met producer and DJ Alexander Koning, was at the opening of Club Radion in Amsterdam, the club that was supposed to fill a [...]

MWoT: DJ/Producer Nicole Moudaber (Libanon)

In April 2014 the ‘queen of dark techno’, producer/DJ Nicole Moudaber, was playing at the event Compound in Zaandam (The Nethe [...]
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