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Marceline aka Marcelineke. Music freak since as long as I remember, dance lover since the Summer of Love, 1989. Living in The Netherlands – the incubator of house music – since the roaring nineties I was there every step of the way in the emergence and maturing of dance music into the huge genre it is now. No mainstream EDM for me, only amazing authentic tracks that tell a mesmerizing, exciting, intriguing, energetic or happy story – a story with a soul.

Sucker for techhouse and techno

I love classics from the early nineties but am also a sucker for contemporary techhouse and techno – provided it’s not boring as hell. With the latter I mean the DJ-set, not per definition the track. A dull track on its own, may bloom to great hights when carefully and well-placed in between other tracks. To name an example.

Writer pur sang

Anyway, I’m a writer and journalist pur sang, and I most of all I like writing about music or the people who make and play it. I love and attend the best – underground – parties, clubs and festivals, these dayse mostly in the Amsterdam area. Music is my passion! From that perspective I’ve been writing for over three years now for and was the exclusive dance editor of Also I blog for the worlds’ #1 ghost producing platform, House of Tracks.

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International DJ’s and producers

On this website you will find a steadily expanding archive of interviews that I had with dance DJ’s and producers from all over the world. Check out their music via the included links below the articles.

Marcy’s Wall of Talent and Marcy Goes Wild

Marcy’s Wall of Talent provides in an overview in pictures of DJ’s and producers and other influentials, mostly dance-related- whom I met in real life. Want to know where the best events are every day? You will find an excellent (slightly international) selection on my Facebook page. Also – now in only in Dutch but asap also available in English – Top 5’s of dance with a certain theme, in the section Marcy Goes Wild. And yes, some posts are food related, because I’m a incorrigible foodie.


marceline2 - MarcelinekeLooking for a writer or translator?

Need a writer, biographer, reviewer, interviewer or a press release for your event? Want to have a perfect blog and/or in search for a good editor? Look no further! Contact me! I’m also an excellent translator Dutch/English, English/Dutch, French/Dutch and German/Dutch.







PR-professional Robert Kroon (PR and marketing/communication agency Kroon op het Werk):

“Marceline was born with a pen in her hand. Through the years she grew into a versatile journalist/editor.

Her roots are definitely based in ‘serious journalism’. She’s got many, many journalistic ‘flying hours’ to her name. Marceline worked for several renowned news papers and magazines. Connaisseurs define her writing style as accessible, easy-to-read and strong in content. The in Limburg born writer/journalist is modest about this fact and that adorns her.

Aside from her all-round journalistic talents, she also likes to occupy herself with articles about lifestyle, food & drinks and dance music. The describes all the pleasures in life in full colour. 

Her genuine interest in others results in her connecting with her readers, het interviewees and everyone who matters.

Marceline has one handicap: she has a knack for languages. Writing a German text is for her just as natural as writing an English one. Also French is ‘pas de problème’. She acquired her international experience at one of the largest Champaign-houses in France, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, as well as at the Belgian newspaper De Morgen and the Flemish magazine Panorama/De Post.  

The versatility of her way of working results in regular invitations by communication agencies to hire her as a freelancer to do interviews and write texts. Also newspapers and (online) magazines regularly knock on her door.”

Oldskool DJ and media expert Martijn van Langen aka DJ Baba:

“Marcelineke is a writer whom is able to turn a fairy tale into an exciting thriller or the other way around. She had the insight to find the right words to capture every moment in a way that every reader will be able to grasp that moment in a transparant way. As a person Marceline is someone whom enjoys life to the fullest. She’s always ready and willing to help and cooks delicious meals. I have a lot of respect for this lady.”



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